See how we are helping other airports maximize passenger satisfaction & spending


Passenger Experience Survey - Calgary Airport

Read this case study to find out how DKMA supports the Calgary Airport Authority as it continues to raise the bar for service quality excellence by providing a detailed passenger satisfaction survey tailored to the airport's exact requirements. The research provides monthly feedback on passenger satisfaction levels and is designed to help make identifying and fixing service quality issues easy. Read the case study to find out how.


Airport Consumer Survey - Auckland Airport

Read this case study to find out how Auckland Airport is using the Airport Consumer Survey to identify passenger needs, monitor existing concessions and find new ways to maximize passenger satisfaction & spending.


Service Quality Management Training - Adelaide Airport

Read this case study to find out how DKMA supported the ADL service quality management team in its efforts to raise awareness of the importance of delivering a top notch passenger experience by delivering a 3 day course on best practices for managing service quality. Attended by over 20 managers from key departments across the airport, the course focused on helping the team understand what is currently making passengers unhappy at Adelaide, learn best practice for addressing these issues and brainstorm practical solutions to implement this at Adelaide's.


Service Quality Management Training - General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia (GACA)

Read this case study to find out how DKMA supported GACA in its drive to systematically improve passenger satisfaction and spending levels at its airports by setting up and running a tailored 10 day training course in two European cities. The masterclass combined classroom sessions with detailed case studies an on-site airport visits to provide GACA staff with a clear understanding of how to maximize satisfaction levels at each step of the passenger journey.