Work smarter, not harder

You've got a great airport....

So why aren't passengers rating you 5 out of 5 or flocking to your shops?

You're doing your best but passengers don't seem to care.


Why is that?

  • Why are passengers still rating your airport as "good" or "very good" at best?
  • Why are 80% of your passengers not buying anything in your shops? (you might kid yourself into thinking that's not the case but go ahead check your numbers if you want to convince yourselves)
  • Why aren't passengers spending more despite the brand new restaurants and shops you just opened?
  • Why are passengers still complaining about the queues even though they didn't have to wait at all?
  • ...
  • You get the idea



It's not because you're doing something wrong or need to work harder. In fact, if you are like most airports you are probably already doing a good job.

The problem is that being average isn't good enough and will never, ever put someone in the mood to happily give you their money.

So if you want to maximize satisfaction levels and grow your non-aeronautical revenue you need to understand exactly WHAT YOUR TRAVELLERS WANT and find a way to give it to them. That's the secret to creating an experience that passengers will go home raving to their friends and family about.


And that's where DKMA comes in

We help you understand what different types of passengers expect from your airport. We show you what matters most to your passengers, what is making them unhappy and what you need to do to fix that. We help you find ways to get more passengers to spend more at your airport. And we help you learn the secrets of the world's best airports so you can create an experience that your passengers will truly love.

We're not just any research agency, we're an airport research agency. We've worked with over 300 airports around the world and at some point of time have probably already worked with yours. We've spent years understanding what makes a great passenger experience. In case your wondering, that's what sets us apart from your research company down the street. Anybody can put together a passenger survey to give you some data. It takes airport experts to create a research programme that provides exactly the data you need to identify what is making passengers unhappy and show you how to fix it.  

Spend more time using your data. Because we work only with airports we know you probably don't have time to go through mountais of data and would prefer to spend time on the floor getting things done. Our mission is to give you that time. Let us do what we do best (analysing research data and creating reports that clearly show what you need to do to improve) so you can spend more time improving your airport's passenger experience. 


The results?

  • You'll understand exactly what your passengers want
  • You'll be able to clearly explain to your colleagues what you need to do to improve
  • You can forget about cutting prices and stop worrying about value for money because you'll be providing shops and restaurants that will have passengers queueing out the door (if you don't believe this is possible just get in touch and we'll send you some examples)
  • You'll finally see your efforts pay off

Improving your passenger experience is easy with the right data and a team of experts there to help you understand how to use it.

Before long you'll find that you are working less hard because you will be able to focus on what matters most for your passengers and what works for your airport. And you'll be on your way to earning up to 1$ more per passenger (to learn more about this click here)


Sound good?

You know it does.

So how do you get involved?

Just click on the picture below to get in touch.