Service quality due diligence

Get an independent review of airport service quality levels

Don't get caught out. While service quality may seem like an insignificant detail in a multi-million dollar contract it will quickly become much more important if you end up having to pay penalties for not reaching service targets for years to come. We help investors bidding for a concession agreement minimize the risk of paying penalties by providing an accurate picture of current service levels and advice for setting quality targets.

Check that existing service meets international standards. The organization currently running the airport might tell you that their service standards are very high. While this might look good on paper it may just as well turn out to be an empty promise. DKMA due diligence helps you accurately measure existing service levels by conducting passenger surveys and having our experts visit the facilities so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Evaluate costs. DKMA can help you evaluate the feasibility / cost of reaching the required service levels as well as the infrastructure you will need to gather the service quality data required by your service level agreement.


Neutral review of service quality levels Set fair targets & SLAs Get expert advice on service quality


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How DKMA Due Diligence works

With DKMA Due Diligence, getting an accurate measure of an airport's existing service levels is easy:


We hold a meeting to understand your goals & agree on how the audit will take place


A team of DKMA experts visits your airport to experience its service


Depending on your goals, we may also carry out passenger surveys and audits of existing quality measurement systems


We provide a detailed audit report with our findings & recommendations


We can present key findings to both parties helping you reach an agreement faster


What you get

DKMA due diligence provides an impartial review of existing service levels that all parties can trust.

Neutral review of service levels
Our experts have worked with over 300 airports around the world and know what makes a great passenger experience. We provide a totally objective, neutral review of current service delivery and provide you with a detailed report showing current satisfaction levels with key airport services and a list of areas that may be causing dissatisfaction.

Set fair service targets
We can provide insight into future service quality levels helping you ensure that service delivery targets are realistic and that SLAs are fair for all parties. Minimize your risk before investing.

Implement best practice in service quality management
To provide a top notch passenger experience you need a framework in place to monitor and improve service quality. We can help you implement a quality management framework and set up the KPIs you should be monitoring to help you identify ways to maximize passenger satisfaction levels.

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