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Do you need to evaluate the potential of an investment but lack the industry knowledge or ressources to do so? DKMA Traffic Forecasts provide an objective, unbiased picture of the future developpment of air traffic at a regional, local or global level. You tell us what information you need and we will create the forecast for you.

Gain support for your business case. DKMA Traffic Forecasts are trusted for their unbiased and realistic assessments by organizations all over the world from airport management companies to banks, investors and governments. They have been refined over 40 years of experience and benefit from a unique combination of strategic advisory and research services. Support your business case with the best available data.

Our project expertise includes

  • Airport / geographical traffic forecasts
  • Airport / hub connectivity strategies
  • Busy day / peak hour profiles
  • Route development studies
  • Airport revenue forecasts
  • Economic impact studies
  • Forecast reviews


Data your colleagues will trust 100% independent data - Get the real picture Global market knowledge


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Examples of recent traffic forecasting projects

We have undertaken over 170 forecast projects for more than 70 airports worldwide.

Our clients include civil aviation authorities, banks and investors/consortiums. Examples of projects include:

  • Forecast of long term traffic growth for Greater Area of Montreal
  • Detailed traffic forecasts to support Athens International Airport's masterplan
  • Macau Airport traffic forecast
  • Traffic forecast for several South African airports (ACSA)

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