3 day airport service quality assessments

DKMA Airport Service Quality Assessments are for airport operations directors and terminal managers who want to learn what needs to be done to improve satisfaction levels quickly.

  • If your airport's satisfaction levels are flat or dropping and your competitors are overtaking you, we can show you how to improve
  • If your airport is already achieveing high levels of satisfaction, we can show you how to get the extra 5% that will make you even better

The assessment is a brutally honest review of your airport. Terminal operations directors who have been through an assessment say it is like getting uppercuts to the jaw but that it was necessary to open their eyes to what they were doing wrong in their daily operations. 

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Impartial, expert review See exactly what you need to do Motivate your team


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How an Airport Service Quality Assessment works

With a DKMA Airport Service Quality Assessment, improving service quality becomes quick & easy:

  1. Before visiting your airport: we analyse your customer service data to identify key weaknesses & plan our visit
  2. Day 1 of the visit - Documenting key issues: we perform a walkthrough of your facilities, completing our proprietary AQR (Airport Quality Rating) checklist and taking pictures of any issues found.
  3. Day 2 - The reality check: we present key findings to your team, explaining what is causing disatisfaction and walking you through the pictures of your airport to show you exactly what is making passengers unhappy. We also show you what the world's best airports look like and help you understand best practices for managing service quality
  4. Day 3 - The way forward: we hold workshops for your team to brainstorm how to improve and help you identify a list of quick wins that can be fixed on short notice.
  5. 10 days after the visit: we send you a detailed report with all of our findings & the list of projects we recommend you implement to improve.

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What you get

DKMA Airport Service Quality Assessments are designed to help you practical ways to improve the passenger experience in the short term.

See your airport as your passengers do

When you work in an airport day in and day out it is very easy to lose sight of fundamental issues with the passenger experience. Our assessments are designed to help you see your airport as your passengers do and show you what is causing dissatisfaction. Get a status check of service quality at your airport and understand the strengths & weaknesses of your passenger service quality.

Best practice for managing service quality

We work with over 300 airports around the world and know what it takes to create an experience passengers love. During our presentations and workshops we will show you best practice from around the world and explain how to apply these to your airport.

Motivate your team

Workshops and discussions form an important part of the assessments. Get people from different departments interacting and brainstorming quick fixes and ways to improve service quality at your airport. Break out of the silo mentality and motivate your staff by giving them a clear understanding of the part they can play in improving service quality and a list of projects to get started.

Expert advice for improving service quality

Our Airport Service Quality Assessment reporting package includes:

  • A detailed report highlighting what works, what doesn’t and what is lacking from your airport services
  • A presentation to your management explaining why passengers are unhappy and what needs to be done to improve
  • All photographs taken during the visit to document key problems
  • Your Airport Quality Rating showing how well you perform for all key services


To help you improve we can also provide detailed service quality audits to help you identify and fix the root causes of key service issues.

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