3 day training courses that help you solve the service quality issues your airport faces

DKMA Service Quality Management training is for airport quality directors who want to give their team the knowledge they need to improve satisfaction levels and for HR managers & directors who want to provide training courses their colleagues would fight for.

100% relevant to your airport's unique challenges - Traditional service quality training programmes often fail to provide the specialized knowledge your managers need to improve satisfaction. DKMA training courses are based on actual service quality data from your airport and tailored to the specific problems your team is facing.

Get practical advice from service quality management experts and start improving your airport today - During our 3 day courses we will teach you best practices for managing service quality and help you apply these to your airport. Our courses focus on identifying what is making passengers unhappy at your airport and we conduct workshops during which you will develop practical solutions for fixing key service issues. At the end of the training your team will have learnt to identify the issues that are keeping your airport from maximising satisfaction levels and developped an action plan to fix them.


Apply best practice to your airport Develop an action plan to fix key issues Keep training costs low


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List of training courses

DKMA Training Academy provides two courses to help managers improve service quality:


Best practice in airport service management - Learn from the experience of top performing airports


Measuring & benchmarking customer satisfaction - Techniques & tools to measure service performance


We can also create tailored courses specifically for your airport. Just let us know what you need and we will design the course for you.

Detailed on individual courses can be found by downloading the full information pack on DKMA Service Quality Training

What you get

DKMA 3 day quality management training courses will help you learn how to apply best practice to fix the key service issues your airport is facing:

Courses tailored to the problems you are facing
All of our training courses are tailored to your airport. We analyse your current customer service data to identify key weaknesses in your service delivery. Then we build our course schedule around the areas you need to improve ensuring that you get the knowledge you need to fix the problems your airport is facing now.

Learn best practice
Our training courses are illustrated with case studies and photo walkthroughs helping you understand what the world's best airports are like. We show you why the best achieve such high levels of customer satisfaction and teach you how to apply this knowledge to your airport.

Practical solutions to the problems you are facing
Central to our courses are workshop sessions during which your team brainstorm solutions to key service delivery issues. At the end of the course you get a report summarizing the areas you need focus on and a list of projects you should implement to improve customer satisfaction levels in the short term .

Industry recognition
All attendees receive an Airport Quality Expert (AQE) certificate delivered by teh world leader in airport service quality management.


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