Our story

DKMA was formed in 2005, to develop and manage the Airport Service Quality initiative in partnership with ACI. Since then, we have become one of the world's leading airport market research consultancies, specializing in helping airports grow their non-aeronautical revenue by delivering an improved passenger experience.

Over the years we've worked with over 300 airports around the world as well as airport management groups, banks, investors and concessionaires.


Meet our people

DKMA Service Quality Management


Damien is a career aviation specialist with 20 years of experience who has focused on market research, forecasting and management consultancy within the airline, cargo, catering, ground handling and in the airport industry. 

Damien is a founding member of DKMA (in 2005) where he developed and managed the global ‘Airport Service Quality’ initiative. Prior to that, Damien worked at Zurich Airport in the international business development team as well as in an international consulting company leading projects worldwide with a focus on improving quality and business process in the airport and airline industry.


Mark has 25 years of experience in market research and management consultancy. For the last 12 years he has focused exclusively on the aviation industry and airports in particular.

A founding member of DKMA, he has extensive knowledge and experience of airports around the world. He now specialises in understanding and assessing the passenger experience and how airport ambience effects passenger perceptions. Previously Mark was Director of Reuters Group market research and Head of IATA Aviation Research.


James has extensive expertise in airport market research and specialises in helping airports improve their passenger experience.

James gained a MSc from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, in 2006. Shortly after he joined DKMA as a market analyst working on the ‘Airport Service Quality’ (ASQ) initiative, implementing market research programmes at airports worldwide. After several years managing the ASQ Survey, James is now in charge of marketing & communication for DKMA. He regularly travels to present research results & findings to airport management teams.

DKMA Forecasting


François is an aviation specialist with over thirty years of experience in transport research studies. Previously Head of Air Transport Consultancy at IATA and Chief Airport Consultant at Airclaims, François has managed over one hundred projects covering every world region. François speaks English and French, and has a Masters degree in business from Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris and Hofstra University (New York).


Catherine is a career aviation forecast specialist with over ten years of research, consultancy and forecasting experience. Previously senior consultant at IATA and Airclaims, she specialises in forecast consultancy projects and was in charge of annual forecast publications at IATA and Bombardier. Catherine speaks French and English and has a Masters degree in Economics with a specialisation in transportation from HEC in Montreal.