Airport Experience Survey (AES)

The Airport Experience Survey is detailed passenger satisfaction survey, providing all the insight you need to systematically improve your passenger experience.

All the detail you need to identify causes of dissatisfaction - Tired of not being able to explain to your colleagues why satisfaction levels are rising or falling? By providing an extremely detailed snapshot of passenger satisfaction levels at your airport, the Airport Experience Survey helps you clearly identify the areas causing dissatisfaction so you can focus your efferts where it really counts.

No extra work - And because we know you don't have much time to analyse mountains of data we do all the work for you. Imagine receiving reports you can share with colleagues immediately. Wow your management with detailed passenger insights and clear explanations of what needs to be done to improve. 


Monitor satisfaction levels Wow your management with detailed reports & insight Identify & fix causes of dissatisfaction


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How it works

The AES is a passenger satisfaction survey distributed in the gate area of your airport. Passengers complete a detailed questionnaire covering their whole airport experience on the day they travel to ensure that we get a clear picture of their airport experience while it is still fresh in their mind.

The Airport Experience Survey creates a detailed picture of satisfaction levels for key passenger segments and provides insight into which areas are causing dissatisfaction. It's high level of detail ensures that you are able to accurately pinpoint reasons for dissatisfaction and clearly explain to your colleagues what needs to be done to improve.

The AES is designed to provide you with regular insight into your passenger experience. To be most effective we recommend performing the research on a quarterly basis to help you track your performance and monitor the effectiveness of your improvement efforts.  Surveys are performed using tablets for rapid reporting and maximum flexibility (we can tailor the content of the research to reflect the exact situation at your airport and add new questions that your colleagues want to investigate).

Detailed insight tailored for your airport

Tired of not being able to answer colleagues when they ask why satisfaction levels aren't increasing? The Airport Experience Survey gives you a detailed snapshot of satisfaction levels at your airport and clear insight into what is causing passenger dissatisfaction so you can fix it.

Clear explanation of what is causing dissatisfaction
No more guesswork. Get detailed reports explaining exactly what is causing dissatisfaction so you can focus your efforts on areas that matter most to your passengers.

Expert insight & analysis
No extra work. We know you don't have much time to analyse mountains of data so we do all the analysis for you. You get insight from experts who have helped over 300 airports worldwide interpret their customer service data and identify causes of dissatisfaction. Get reports that present all the key insight and lists of projects to implement in order to improve passenger satisfaction.

Reports you can share instantly
We want you to be able to share our reports instantly. Instead of getting 1 big research report that you have to cut and paste to share we provide individual reports covering topics such as check-in, security, parking, retail, etc... that you can instantly share with colleagues and stakeholders. We also provide a complete report showing the big picture. All of this in your own corporate colours, meaning there is no extra work for you.

Identify drivers of satisfaction & focus your efforts
To help you define your strategy and set priorities we provide detailed key driver reports that identify the factors which are causing satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Get lists of projects to focus on in the short, medium and long term.


What you get

Before even starting the project we sit down with your team to identify the types of reports you need and when you need them. This ensures that we meet your information needs and helps you set up regular communication channels with the different departments and stakeholders at your airport.

Our basic reporting package includes:

Weekly outputs of passenger comments

  • Get weekly transcription of passenger comments so you can see what your travellers are liking and what complaints they have. Use this to identify problem areas before they become issues

Monthly dashboard

  • Get a monthly dashboard delivered straight to your inbox so you can keep track of performance and proactively identify potential causes of dissatisfaction as they arise

Quarterly dashboards & reports

  • Detailed reports on key airport processes (check-in, security, wayfinding, commercial, etc...) provided in your own airport template and requiring no extra work on your behalf .
  • Management reports & dashboards giving you the big picture & presenting key insights and causes of dissatisfaction
  • Complete raw data
  • Trend analysis

Annual analysis

  • Key driver analysis & list of priorities to improve satisfaction levels

And we build from there. If you want additional analysis or to link with other existing data sources at your airport let us know and we can set this up for you.

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Need help with your passenger research?

Are you finding that with your current passenger satisfaction survey:

-          You spend too much time cutting & pasting data to create your reports and not enough time actually using and sharing research findings with your colleagues?

-          You know where general problems are but aren't able to identify exactly why passengers are unhappy?

-          You don’t have a clear picture of what your priorities should be and where to focus your efforts?

If so, just fill in the form and we'll be in touch within 48 hours to have a short e-mail exchange and discuss the challenges you are facing so that you can decide if a serious conversation is warranted.